Return to Shanghai

What does it take to become world class? Chinese-Canadian violinist Susanne Hou takes us on a journey back to Shanghai, China, to where her talented musical father once played for Chairman Mao.

But when politics and persecution crushed her dad’s dream to become the world’s best, the family moved to Canada, where he relentlessly trained little Susanne, from age 4, to become a virtuoso violinist star.

This 16 minute documentary aired on CBC’s The National in 2007, and won an honourable mention from the Columbus International Film & Video Festival.

‘Buying Babies’ from Kazakhstan

Would you give tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a baby?  Many Canadians do, in the murky, unregulated world of international adoption.  Meet a single, 28 year old Winnipegger who spends $41,000 in fees and expenses to journey to Kazakhstan in a heart-breaking attempt to become an adoptive mother.  The public outcry from this story prompted the Canada’s immigration and foreign affairs departments to conduct a review of all international adoptions with Kazakhstan.