Can Big Oil be part of the climate change solution?

Story by Mychaylo Prystupa

The CEOs of fossil-fuel giants Enbridge and Suncor talked up what they’re doing to combat climate change at the GLOBE 2016 sustainable business summit in Vancouver this week. Are they to be believed?

The summit ran concurrent to the Prime Minister’s visit to Vancouver for the First Ministers’ Meeting, where Trudeau attempted to reframe oil development as necessary for creating the wealth needed to fund clean energy development. “The choice between wind turbines and pipelines is a false one,” he said.

Enviro-intellectual Tzeporah Berman has worked closely with oil executives to find common group between climate campaigners and fossil fuel companies. She says ‘Big Oil’ is only moving into the renewables because protesters have denied them social licence, and forced them into the climate conversation.

A longer version of the debate can be watched here.

The top video shot and produced by Mychaylo Prystupa for The Tyee. Oil sands footage courtesy of David Lavalle of White Gold Productions.

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