Politicians in cars getting coffee: Claire Martin

Claire Martin - Politicians in Cars Getting Coffee

Know the show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld?

Here’s a spin on it I took for covering the Canadian federal election. In this edition, I video interviewed Green Party candidate and former CBC National meteorologist Claire Martin as she cruised the North Vancouver riding she hoped to represent.

One commentator on Facebook called it the best media interview of the election he’d seen.

Interviewing people while they’re doing stuff —driving, preparing flowers, whatever —is a great way to distract subjects enough to let them be human in their interviews.

Video production:

  • GoPro under rear view mirror
  • Cell phone video camera on dash
  • Shot additional broll with DSLR
  • Recruited a volunteer to shoot a small camcorder in an adjacent vehicle
  • Lavalier mics and Roland audio recorder
  • Duct tape!

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